When the Embrace Whispers: A heartwarming novel about unexpected turns, rediscovering passion, and tango. 

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When the Embrace Whispers is a novel about Sarah, a woman yearning for more beyond the ordinary. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers tango, leading her into a world brimming with passion and self-discovery.

This story beautifully intertwines Sarah’s journey through love, loss, friendship, and the courage to pursue her heart’s desires. It’s a poignant tale that celebrates life’s unexpected turns, the rediscovery of passion, and the liberating power of dance.

This novel, exploring themes of freedom and transformation, is a testament to finding joy and meaning in unforeseen places. It’s a powerful reminder to embrace life’s rhythms and the beauty of second chances.


About the author:

Dimitris Bronowski is a social tango dancer and the author of the book ‘Tangofulness: Exploring Connection, Awareness, and Meaning in Tango,’ which has been translated into 12 languages. He began dancing tango in 2009, and it has enriched his life with moments of meaning, friendships, love, family, happiness, travels, and over 3000 prolonged hugs. He is here to share this joy with you through his books. 

Available on Amazon and on www.whentheembracewhispers.com