Tango Shows

Specially for your event!

Tango Street Theater Acts

Specially for your event or festival!


Tango Now /  Ezequiel & Lydia produces professional performances such as high level tango shows, creative dance theater productions and surprising interactive street theater acts.

Tango Show door Ezequiel & Lydia

Tango Shows

Tango Now offers high quality Tango Shows for events, entertainments, dinner shows, company parties, marriages, opening acts and a lot more.  High level professional shows with dynamic and spectacular movements and passionate expression.
Verlangen door Tango Now en Trasnoche

Dance Theater Productions

Cross-over between tango & contemporary dance, traditions & modernity, updating of the classical tango themes and searching the creativity.
Verlangen door Tango Now en Trasnoche

Street Theater Acts

Tango, Humor & Interaction! Surprising street tango acts specially made for events and street theater festivals. We have at this moment two acts on tour that could be perfect for your event.