Performance & Workshop with Tangata – 15 March – Den Dolder

Performance & Workshop with Tangata – 15 March – Den Dolder

Ezequiel & Marleen will teach a workshop for beginners and then perform tango demonstrations with the live music of the very well know Cuarteto Tangata.

A special evening where Tango takes center stage.

A tango workshop for beginners is planned one hour before the concert. After the break of the concert itself, enthusiasts can dance along to the live tango music!

Cuarteto Tangata brings music full of passion. Professional, with a lot of experience, sparkling and young. Wistliness, melancholy, but also exuberant and driving rhythms make Tangata a feast for your ears, eyes and feelings.

The basis consists of Jacqueline Edeling (bandoneon), Margreet Markerink (piano), Andrea Bentivoglio (violin) and Boris Franz on the double bass. Tangata has specialized in Argentine tango for many years. They perform in their own way the tango music of tango maestros such as: Piazzolla, Plaza, Pugliese, Troilo, Salgan, Cobian etc.


Tuscany Neotango Holiday 2023 ☀️

Tuscany Neotango Holiday 2023 ☀️

29th July – 5th August 2023 | Castello di Querceto
Come dance neotango at this magical medieval village in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) where you can also enjoy the sun, walk in nature, have a swim in the pool, relax, eat delicious organic food and drink homemade wine, visit nearby cities, go to the beach and meet other friendly fellow tango dancers.
✅Dancing neotango every night at different locations!
✅ 10 neotango workshops and 6 technique or body awareness classes

🇬🇧 EN🇲🇫 FR🇩🇪 DE🇧🇶 NL

And we have two more weeks for you:
5th -12th august 2023
12th -19th of august 2023
Ximena Zalazar Firpo & Willem Meul
Invited Couple: Luis Bruni & Eugenia Carnevali
So, 3 weeks of Tango with different teachers. 🤩
Ezequiel & Gabriëlle will perform at Laatbloei met Tangodating! Sa. 8 & 15 Oct 2022 – Amsterdam

Ezequiel & Gabriëlle will perform at Laatbloei met Tangodating! Sa. 8 & 15 Oct 2022 – Amsterdam

Twee mensen ontmoeten elkaar bij een eerste les in een tangosalon. Ze vertellen elkaar tussen de danspassen door hoe hun leven er op dit moment voorstaat. Een tangodanspaar illustreert dit verhaal in kleine optredens tussen de nummers door.
Laatboei brengt in deze unieke combinatie van tangomuziek en theater eigen teksten en composities aangevuld met een paar bestaande tango’s op eigen arrangementen. Niet alle muziek is tango, teksten en muziek zijn heel gevarieerd maar wel is alles toegespitst op wat volgens ons het thema is van de Argentijnse tango: leven met passie, vreugde en verdriet.
Zang en spel: Saskia Riemens en Gerrit Hoogstraaten.
Muziek: Rebecca van Amerongen, piano.
Bel van der Linden, contrabas.
Marcel Dymanus, bandoneon/accordeon.
Philip Jonkers, viool.
Dans: Ezequiel Sanucci en Gabriëlle Nederend. 

8 oktober 20.15u in Theater de Cameleon

15 oktober 16.00u in Theater Vrijburcht. met workshop voor beginners

Tuscany Tango Holiday

Tuscany Tango Holiday

31th of July – 7th of August 2021 | Castello di Querceto
With Ezequiel & Lydia and Willem & Ximena
Live music by Trio Tangata
Tango & Neotango ❤️
🥰 After a long lockdown… we need a Tango Holiday!
✅ Dancing tango every night in different locations!
✅ 12 tango workshops and 6 technique classes
✅ 4 Maestros
✅ 2 international DJ’s
✅ Live music
✅ Magical medieval location
✅ Many excellent accommodation options
✅ Half pension with delicious organic food
✅ Winery with local homemade wine
✅ Swimming pool
✅ Beach and historical cities close by
✅ Stunning nature and views
✅ Corona protocol & Safe environment
✅ Affordable prices & Super deals!!!
✅ Max. 16 couples
🔶 This is a small scale tango event with a limited number of participants. In this way we can keep it safe and we can comply with the corona regulations. Therefore, in a time where all big tango festivals are getting postponed, we can offer tango dancers the possibility to dance and take a holiday at the same time. So, get your chance and book it now!
You can reserve your place if you are interested and if there will be any change in the regulation that will force us to cancel, you will get the 100% refund.
Come dance tango at this magical medieval village in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) where you can also enjoy the sun, walk in nature, have a swim in the pool, relax, eat delicious organic food and drink homemade wine, visit nearby cities, go to the beach and meet other friendly fellow tango dancers. Tuscany Tango Holiday is also part of the summer VOL’Tango Festival.
Every morning and afternoon there will be tango workshops and technique / body awareness practices led by 4 renowned maestros. Every night you can dance tango at indoors or outdoors milongas with Traditional Tango and Neotango music by 2 international DJs. At one of the nights you will be delighted with a dance performance by the maestros. And last but not least, we will have live music by the thrilling Trio Tangata!
▪️ Ximena Zalazar Firpo & Willem Meul
▪️ Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller
Unique chance to learn from 4 magnificent tango experts with an additional body awareness background to get inspired to dance your tango in an organic way, fine tuned into connection and detailed knowledge about tango body awareness. And if you are very motivated there is also the possibility to take private classes with them.
🔹 International DJs:
▪️ Eze
▪️ Ximena
🔹 Live Music
▪️ Trio Tangata (NL)
A great opportunity to dance again with passionate dancers from different parts of Europe. You can enjoy traditional tango and neotango music with great sets of these two international DJs and beautiful live music.
Everything is in a safe environment because during this event we will use the covid protocol for dance.
🌈 Of course you are free to do what you feel like, because all the activities are optional. This is your vacation. The tango vacation that you deserved!
The teachers and organizers speak and write fluently in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish.
Castello di Querceto, a medieval “borgo” surrounded by 1300 hectares of woods that keeps the authentic style of country houses of the past. It is a world of forgotten sounds and smells, of breathtaking views and sunsets. A historical site in the astonishing nature of Tuscany.
In the heart of Val di Cecina between Volterra and the Etruscan coast lies the dreamy village of Querceto, surrounded by fields and forests. The medieval castle of the Ginori Lisci family covers almost the entire Querceto. Querceto has been completely restored and has a lively social cultural life.
▪️ Shared or single rooms/apartments
▪️ Half pension with breakfast and lunch or dinner with organic food
▪️ A stunning swimming pool surrounded by olive trees and with a wonderful view of the countryside.*
▪️ Apartments in the village or in propriety of the landlord Ginori-Lisci*
▪️ Winery with excellent homemade wine
▪️ Super Early Bird** € 575,- 👍
▪️ Early bird*** € 595,-
▪️ Regular € 625,-
⚠️ * This is the price category per person for the workshops & milongas incl. half pension and basic lodging in a shared room for 3 or 4 persons in Querceto. 👉 You have many more lodging options for an additional price if you want more privacy, luxury and to have access to the swimming pool of the castle.
Additional options for an extra cost:
– More lodging options as double or single room
– Swimming pool
Please contact Ursula for more information at
or visit this website:
** price for the first 6 couples until the 15th of June
*** price for the first 8 couples until the 30th of June
⚠️ Important! If due to unpredictable covid rules we have to cancel this vacation you will get a 100% FULL refund.
By sending an email to Ursula Vetter at or
Tel: 0039 366 135 15 67
For the booking you can pay 30% of the amount at the moment of the reservation, the 70% left you can pay it before the start of the event.
If you need to cancel your participation we will keep the 30% of the full amount. This amount you can use it later within 2 years.
If we need to cancel the event, your amount will be 100% refund.
The registrations can only be done in couples. Nevertheless, we try to help singles to find a partner by bringing them into contact with each other.
Those who want to find a partner can send an e-mail with age, height, year of experience and languages or place where you come from.
We will dance and eat outside as much as possible, so we can maintain distance with other couples. We will also be doing the workshops in 2 groups with your own tango couple.
▪️ Arrival:
Saturday 31th of July at 16:00
18:30 Welcome to Accademia Libera Natura & Cultura in Querceto at the winery
19:30 Dinner in the Garden
21:00 – 0:00 Welcome Dance Evening
▪️ Daily program:
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 – 10:30 Body awareness practice / technique class
10:45 – 12:00 Tango workshop (group I)
13:00 Lunch (group I)
18:00 – 19:15 Tango workshop (group II)
19:30 – 20:30 Dinner (group II)
21:00 – 0:00 Milonga and concert
▪️ Departure:
Saturday 7th August at 10:00
Via di Borgo 1, Località Querceto, 56040 Montecatini VdC (PI), Italie
Google Maps:
🚗 By car:
coming from the north, take the A12 motorway as far as Rosignano Marittimo, then continue on the SS1 towards Grossetto-Roma, exit at Cecina centre and take the SS68 towards Volterra as far as Casino di Terra. There, at the roundabout at the end of the town, turn right towards Canneto. After about 1.5 km you will find the turn-off on the left (2nd possibility on the left) to Querceto. After another 2 km you are in Querceto.
✈️🚂 By plain & train:
The nearest airport is Galileo Galilei in Pisa. Many international airlines, as well as the low-cost airlines Ryanair, Easyjet, Volatea, Transavia,… fly to Pisa. From the airport there is a direct connection to Pisa central train station and from there to Cecina. In Cecina we can pick you up at the station and take you to Querceto.
Do you have questions or a special request?
▪️ For booking, accommodation, and other logistics mail to Ursula at
▪️ For artistic or pedagogic questions, mail to the maestros or
This event is organized by:
▪️ Accademia Libera Natura&Cultura
▪️ Tango Now
▪️ Compagnie Estro
NeoTango weekend in the nature 6-8 September at De Uelenspieghel

NeoTango weekend in the nature 6-8 September at De Uelenspieghel

Theme: Connection

After the big success of the first 3 editions Ezequiel & Lydia will be again in Uffelte with a Neo Tango weekend full of connection!!!

Focus of this late summer weekend is:
How can we dance in connection? Listening the leading and following, understanding the dynamics of organic movement, getting into the flow of dance, finding elasticity in our dance, experiencing freedom while staying connected with my dance partner and staying loyal with the essence of tango? What can influence in the connection with each other? Surprises, magic and beautiful music.

To connect even more to listen, understand and dance even deeper. Flow, elasticity, grove to different kind of music to inspire our tango dance in diversity in movement and quality.
What kind of connection is happening between me and my partner in the dance?   

Click here for more information


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