Neotango Weekend in the Nature

3 days to get a deeper knowledge of Neotango and to improve your skills. At the same time to have a mini holiday by dancing and having fun! 🤣

Dates in 2024:
🔹 26-27/04
🔹 13-15/09
🔹 13-15/12
At De Uelenspieghel in Uffelte

NeoTango Marathon Arnhem

This is first Neotango marathon in Arnhem. It’s organized by La Neo and Flor de Fango. We will have top international DJ’s, VJ’s and live music by Volco & Gignoli!

17-19 May 2024 at Flor de Fango in Arnhem

Contact Tango in Italy and Germany with Ezequiel Sanucci

Ezequiel Sanucci will be soon teaching Contact Tango and Dj’ing at the next events:

🔹 26.5 – 2.6.2024 – CONTANGO IN TUSCANY | MONTEROSI (IT) | with Ezequiel and Lo

🔹 5.–7. JULI 2024 – CONTANGO FESTIVAL FREIBURG (D) | with Ezequiel Sanucci, Julian Elizari & Manuela Blanchard