Eze en Lydia, chicaTango Now is a dance organization directed by Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller. It goal is to teach and perform the Argentinean tango of today, as well as transforming it in a creative and new way. Tango Now searches for the most updated version of traditional tango and works on discovering new possibilities of neo-tango, contact tango and contemporary tango.

Tango Now presents traditional Argentine tango shows and contemporary tango productions, choreographies and tango street theater acts. Performances can be booked with or without live music, tango orchestra and/or tango DJ.

Ezequiel & Lydia teach group classes, private classes and workshops of traditional Argentine tango, neo tango, contact tango, contact improvisation and contemporary dance.

Tango Now organizes tango salons, jams and events as well in combination with workshops and performances. Tango Now works for theaters, festivals, (tango) schools, dance academies, dance companies, milongas, events, entertainment and business companies.

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