Afternoon WORKSHOPS & NEOLONGAS at Neotango Marathon Arnhem |18-19 May

Afternoon WORKSHOPS & NEOLONGAS at Neotango Marathon Arnhem |18-19 May

If you couldn’t make it to the Arnhem Neotango Marathon, there is still two chances to be a part of it.

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May before the marathon starts you can take very interesting neotango workshops with Ezequiel & Marleen and then dance at the afternoon Neolonga to anyone that wants to join!. 

🔹Saturday 18 May – 14:00 – 15:30
Dancing Neotango in small spaces

We usually hear that to dance neotango “we need space”. But what happens when the neolonga is full of dancers? Can we still dance in an enjoyable way? In this workshop you will learn neotango moves, combinations and possibilities to be used in limited spaces that will be fun, creative and modern. It’s a very useful workshop that will add a new dimension to your neotango dancing.

🔹Sunday 19 May – 14:00 – 15:30
Soltadas & creative neotango moves

Soltadas means releasing. In this workshop you will learn different kinds of Soltadas with the correct technique to do them and by releasing the embrace while staying in connection with your partner. Soltadas can be used on the spot or in a Giro, and also in combinations with Boleos, Sacadas or other elements. This also opens up many possibilities to do creative movements that will definitely enrich the way you dance Neotango.

💲 Price:
– €17,50 per workshop per person
– €22,50 voor Combi Workshop – Neolonga per person

So, reserve your place now! 🤩


Tangorra at Eze’s Birthday Milonga-Picnic Party! 13 July – Marineterrein, Amsterdam

Tangorra at Eze’s Birthday Milonga-Picnic Party! 13 July – Marineterrein, Amsterdam

The very successful Experiencia Tangorra is an electrotango orchestra from Buenos Aires. They will play again in Amsterdam at Ezequiel Sanucci’s Birthday Milonga celebration. We will also have the chance to dance traditional and neotango music by four international top DJs and the beautiful live music of two top neoclassical musicians. 

Ezequiel is turning 53 years old and he wants to celebrate it by bringing all his tango, neotango friends together. It will be a celebration of life and diversite where we can dance, make a picnic, take drinks and have a swim during a lovely summer afternoon at one of the most special areas of Amsterdam. 

If someone wants to learn tango, at the start of the event Ezequiel will teach a beginner tango workshop. So, this it’s a great chance to learn the first steps and to get to know the tango atmosphere.  

The location is at the amazing Marineterrein in Amsterdam with small green spaces where you can have a picnic and swim at the harbor. We will not have a bar, so bring your own food and drinks and we can share it as a potluck. 

The dress code is summer tango clothing, casual, festive, party costume, and you can even dance in a swimsuit / bikini if you want. 

 Date and time: 13 July 2024
14.00 hrs: Workshop
15.30 – 20.00 hrs: Milonga with live music

 Location: Marineterrein, Gebouw 027S, Amsterdam

 Donation base entrance: cash or with a Tikkie.
Suggested prices:
 €20 for the milonga with live music & birthday present for Ezequiel
 €10 for the workshop
 You can always pay more or less if you feel like.Thanks

14 – 15.30h: Beginners tango workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci
15.30 – 20.30h – Milonga with live music and international DJ’s

Live music
🔸 Experiencia Tangorra (Arg) – Electrotango
🔸 Frank Oppedijk & Anoek Brokaar (NL) – Neoclassic music from Einaudi & Piazzolla

International DJ’s:
🔸 Fran Borra (Arg) – Modern Tango as in Buenos Aires
🔸 Lucas Malec (Arg/B) – Traditional Tango
🔸 Saskia Frankena (NL) – Neotango
🔸 Ezequiel Sanucci – The birthday boy! (Arg/NL) – 50/50 Traditional & Neo Tango


Agenda: Upcoming Events in 2024

Agenda: Upcoming Events in 2024

🔹 17-19/05 Neotango Marathon Arnhem (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 26/05-02/06 Contango Journey – Monterosi, Tuscany (Italy) 🇮🇹

🔹 7-9/06 Neotango Marathon Munich – (Germany) 🇩🇪

🔹 12-16/06 Tantric Joy Festival – Amsterdam (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 22/06 Templum Tango Festivalito – Dusseldorf (Germany) 🇩🇪 

🔹 5-7/07 Contango Festival Freiburg – (Germany) 🇩🇪

🔹 13/07 Tangorra at Eze’s Birthday Milonga-Picnic Party! Amsterdam (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 19-21/07 Nuevo Emotions Marathon – Prague (Czechia Republic) 🇨🇿

🔹 16/08 Sonsbeek Theater Avenue 2024 – Arnhem (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 17/08 Flor de Neo – Arnhem (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 29/08-1/09 Tango Beach Festival – Scheveningen (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 31/08 Modern Street Tango – Arnhem (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 13-15/09 Neotango Weekend – Uffelte (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 21/09 Tango Interactivo – Gouda (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 26-29/09 Tango Olistico – Parco Naturale della Maremma (Italy) 🇮🇹

🔹 4-6/10 Contact Tango Intensive weekend with Lydia Müller – Utrecht (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 18-20/10 Tango Festival Groningen (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 16/11 DansjeVrij – Naarden (NL) 🇳🇱

🔹 13-15/12 Neotango Weekend – Uffelte (NL) 🇳🇱

And there are some more events to come 😉
So, let’s DANCE!!!

Private Tango lessons for a very affordable price! Spring Sale!

Private Tango lessons for a very affordable price! Spring Sale!

Private Tango or Neotango lessons this spring for a very good price! It would be between April and June. If you are in Amsterdam during (or part of) this period, you have access to individual, couple or group lessons for up to 3 couples at very affordable prices and extra discount for TangoTalks students.

You can also choose the time that suits you best (as long as it is available) and you can choose the topic or style of the lesson. This way you can work on what you specifically need at the frequency that feels the best for you.

💲  Prices:
🔹 Individual lesson: €60 per hour / €50 for TangoTalks students*
Package of 6 individual lessons: €320 / €280 for TangoTalks students *

🔹 1 couple: €70.- per hour (€35.- per person) / €60.- for TangoTalks students (€30 per person)
Package of 6 lessons: €390 / €340 for TangoTalks students*

🔹 2 couples: €100 for an hour and fifteen minutes (€25 per person)*
Package of 6 lessons: €520 (€21,65 per person, per lesson)*

🔹 3 couples: €120 for an hour and fifteen minutes (€20 per person)*
Package of 6 lessons: € 590,- (€16,39 per person, per lesson)*

* Special spring offer from April 18 to June 4, 2024. Packages started during this period can be used throughout 2024 at the promotional price.

👍🏼 Benefits of private lessons in summary:
✅ You choose what you want to learn or improve from your dance
✅ Flexibility of schedules
✅ You take the number of lessons you want and when you want
✅ You can take the lessons alone, with your dance partner or with your friends up to 3 couples
✅ Dance studio in Amsterdam without extra costs or limited schedules (the lessons can also be doen elsewhere if you wish)
✅ Affordable parking in front of the door with a visitor parking permit (€1.75 per hour)
✅ And all this for a very affordable price!

Book your lesson now by:
🔸By email to
🔸By phone or private message on WhatsApp: +31 649646616

More information about the private lessons

Contact Tango Events 2024

Contact Tango Events 2024

Tuscany Contango Journay – 26/05-02/06 
Contango Festival Freiburg – 05-07/07



with Ezequiel and Lo


Contact improvisation makes us soft and elastic every day. Every morning from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. we are in contact with our own body and the environment using the principles of CI. Afterwards we enjoy the Italian food prepared by the house cook, take a siesta to integrate, walks and excursions in the area are planned.

5.00 to 7.00 p.m. is the time to absorb the principles of tango. From the two dance styles we form the independent dance style Contango. Every day we immerse ourselves more with all our senses in this combination of styles that have existed for a long time and dance authentically into Contango.

In any weather it is beautiful in Monterosi. There is the big outdoor dance floor and the wooden house.

In the evening it is also possible to continue dancing or making music indoors!

5 days plus 2 arrival/departure days 35.- per night in a tent/camper and 45.- in the house. Children/adolescents pay by arrangement. All ages are welcome here!

630./ 720.- with everything! Food and 2 teachers. Contact Improvisation and Tango!

Enjoy your time with us in Tuscany!



5.–7. JULI 2024

Ezequiel & Lydia will be this year the main teachers and performers at the biggest, most prestigious and more renowned festival in the world about the fusion of Contact Improvisation & Argentinian Tango. As well the main DJ of this festival will be DJ Eze! 


On the 4th of July we will enjoy dancing the live music of Tangorra Orquesta Típica (Arg) and on the 5th of July we will celebrate Ezequiel’s Brithday!!! So, don’t miss this great event  💥✨️❤️

All dancers are invited here to dance together with time and space in one place! Contact Improvisation and Tango will meet here and merge into one dance style.

You are invited to be there in July. This is about discovering and developing both dance styles in combination as an individual dancer.

Experienced teachers are invited to accompany different ways of connecting dance styles with intensive lessons and workshops.

Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the NEW.

Contango is danced barefoot. It can be danced alone, in pairs, as a trio. Come as you Are. Everything is wonderful and possible! As an experienced and a beginner, there is always a lot to discover.

There will be live music and plenty of room to dance. Good food and sleeping facilities on site (see organization).

You are very welcome to be part of it!

Book your place at the festival right here.


Anna Neum & Ezequiel Sanucci at The Neotango Weekend in the Nature – 26-28 April 2024

Anna Neum & Ezequiel Sanucci at The Neotango Weekend in the Nature – 26-28 April 2024

We are very excited to announce that Anna Neum will be our guest DJ & Teacher at The Neotango Weekend in the Nature! 💃🏼

This is a great opportunity to learn and dance the music of our international guest teacher & DJ and enjoy a weekend of Neotango to the fullest. ✨

🔸 Anna Neum (Ru/Fr) is an excellent international Neotango teacher, dancer and an amazing DJane that works at all the best neotango events in Europe. Ezequiel and Anna were already Dj’ing and also teaching and performing neotango shows together at World Tango Congress, La Neo, Greece Neotango Marathon, Brugge Neotango Marathon , among other events.

🔹 At the Neotango Weekend you have every day workshops with Ezequiel & Anna, every evening neo milongas with the international DJ’s Anna & Eze, every afternoon neotango practicas, delicious food and you also have free time to walk in the forest or to go to the lake.

🔹 Theme: Dancing in and out of axis
During this weekend we will learn to combine tango movement in our own axis as ochos, sacadas or boleos together with movements out of the axis as colgadas or volcadas. We will learn the technique required to make them and the quality to dance them in a modern way that fits very well with the neotango music.

✅ Workshops
✅ Neolongas
✅ Neo Practicas
✅ Safe environment
✅ Enjoy the Nature and a nice group of people
✅ Relax atmosphere
✅ Beautiful location: De Uelenspieghel
✅ Good food and nice sleeping rooms
✅ Possibility to take private classes

3 days to get a deeper knowledge of Neotango and to improve your skills. At the same time to have a mini holiday by dancing and having fun! 🤣
💥 If you are a Neotango fan, this is an evening that you don’t want to miss!

Price (all incl) 280 euro
More information

At De Uelenspieghel  
Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte, Nederland
Tel: +31 521-351331


19h arrival with coffee and tea
20 – 21h opening class
21- 00.30h Neolonga

9.30 -10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13 – 14h lunch
15.30- 17.00h Afternoon workshop
17-18h Practica
18 – 19h dinner
21- 1h Neolonga

9.30-10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13-14h lunch
15 – 16h Afternoon workshop
16 – 18h closing neolonga
18h end



Watch a Neo Tango improvisation by Ezequiel & Lydia