Neo & Traditional Tango Weekend in the Nature 9-11 April 2021

Neo & Traditional Tango Weekend in the Nature 9-11 April 2021

22 hours of dancing Neo & Traditional Tango 

We have an alternative concept for our Neotango Weekend with corona proof mesures according to the rules:

🔹 More dancing hours
🔹 Possibility for private classes
🔹 Private accommodation with own sanitary facilities
🔹 Limited places!!!

This tango weekend it’s about dancing, relaxing, enjoying nice company, the nature and good food. There will be 22 hours of music by DJ Eze to dance a lot. He will play Neotango sets and Traditional Tango tandas in the afternoons and evenings. You have the possibility to get private classes with Ezequiel Sanucci where you can work specifically on what you need and want to develop in your dance. There will also be the possibility to learn and dance Chacarera. You do what you feel like, there are NO mandatory activities what so ever. Everything is optional. And by dancing, chilling, and enjoying the forest and lake close by you will feel recharged after this weekend.

This weekend will be host by Ezequiel Sanucci. The Neotango with the theme “Soltadas” by Ezequiel & Lydia we will postpone to 3-5 September 2021.

Price (all incl)
With 1 private class: 260 euro
Only dancing and no private classes: 230 euro
More information

At De Uelenspieghel  
Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte, Nederland
Tel: +31 521-351331

✅ 22 hrs Milongas & Practicas: Neo 70% / Traditional 30%
✅ 1 private class with your partner. Teacher: Ezequiel Sanucci
✅ Learning and dancing Chacarera
✅ Enjoy the Nature and a nice group of people
✅ Relax atmosphere
✅ Beautiful location: De Uelenspieghel
✅ Good food and nice sleeping rooms with own sanitary facilities
✅ All within a safe environment corona proof


19h arrival with coffee and tea
20 –  00.00h Milonga Neo & Traditional Tango

9.30 -10.30h breakfast
11 – 13h Morning practica
10 – 13h Private Classes
13 – 14h lunch
14.- 18h Practica Neo & Traditional Tango
18 – 19h dinner
19 – 1h Milonga Neo & Traditional Tango DJ Eze & Valerie 

9.30-10.30h breakfast
11 – 13h Morning practica
10 – 13h Private Classes
13-14h lunch
14.- 18h Closing Milonga Neo & Traditional Tango
18h end

Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller are Neo Tango specialists and they created their own dance style. They are professional teachers, dancers and choreographers in Argentine tango (neo and traditional), contemporary dance, ballet and contact improvisation. They studied Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, performed at major festivals, theaters, milongas, events, embassies in Europe and Latin America and in many cases together with well-known orchestras. They teach regular neo, traditional and contact tango courses and as well as workshops for festivals, schools, milongas and other events. Ezequiel is also a neo and traditional tango DJ. Read more about Ezequiel & Lydia
Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem 2019

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem 2019

This Wednesday we”ll start with Traditional and Neo Tango courses at Academia de Tango Amsterdam 😊
– 8 weeks courses (from Jan 16 till March 6) with Ezequiel Sanucci & Karin Mollemans or Lydia Muller. We”ll teach level 2 and 3 of Traditional Tango and advanced Neo Tango:

Every Wednesday from Jan 16 till 6 March at Academia de Tango Amsterdam:
19 – 20 hr: Tango Level 2: Learning the base of tango biomechanics and the style
20 – 21 hr: Traditional Tango level 3: Learn to improvise and connect better with your partner with practical dance movements for the tango salons
21 – 22 hr: Tango Nuevo Level 4+: Learn how to dance Neo Tango with creative movements and dancing it into many different kinds of music.


More information: 

From Thursday Jan 31 till Apr 25 at Flor de Fango in Arnhem
19.30 – 20.45 Beginners 2 – Intermediate
21.00 – 22.15  Modern Tango – Advanced

New courses at Academia de Tango in Amsterdam

New courses at Academia de Tango in Amsterdam

From the 1st of May we will start new courses on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Academia de Tango. Ezequiel will teach  these courses together with Claudia Kratzheller or Joli Bakker. There are new courses of Traditional Tango and Neo-Tango. So you are very welcome to learn tango with us!

New 6 weeks courses by Ezequiel & Joli or Claudia starting on Monday 1st May
Mon, 19- 20h, Level 3 with Joli
Mon, 20- 21h, Level 5 with Claudia
Mon, 21- 22h,  Tango Nuevo – Level 5 with Claudia

New 6 weeks courses by Ezequiel & Joli starting on Tuesday 2nd May
Tue, 19-20h, Level 1
Tue, 20-21h, Level 2
Tue, 21-22h, Level 3-Puente

Tango Nuevo
We will work on the Tango Nuevo quality by learning alternative playful combinations. We will work in de creativity, new fun possibilities, the musicality, the style, the way of moving, the walking and much more. These can be immediately applied in the Neo-Tango salons but it also can enrich your traditional tango style and transform the way you dance.

This course is ideal for traditional tango dancers who wish to learn Tango Nuevo and for people who are dancing Neo tango already and wish to deepen in this style.