Tango Residence Permit

(Tango Verblijfsvergunning)

This piece is about an intercultural love story between Brigitte, a beautiful, practical, rational and organized German violinist and Cacho, a chaotic, impulsive and passionate Argentinian men who is illegal in The Netherlands. They live together in Amsterdam and they have a relationship full of conflicts, love and tango.

The piece is based on a research about a fusion between tango and contemporary dance, and how to combined it with acting and video. It achieves to create new forms of tango and contemporary dance, to uses acting scenes to prompt emotions that later are transfer to the dancer’s bodies, it plays with the time and the space and it has a structure closer to a movie than to an abstract contemporary dance piece.

Choreography and text: Ezequiel Sanucci
Dance: Ezequiel Sanucci and Lydia Müller
Video: Rodolfo Vejar
Music: Several composers
Coach: Claudia Kratzheller
Adviseur: Sabine Linz
Picture: Petra Tool
Duration: 50 minutes
Production house: Dansmakers Amsterdam.