Tuscany Neotango Holiday 2023 ☀️

Tuscany Neotango Holiday 2023 ☀️

29th July – 5th August 2023 | Castello di Querceto
Come dance neotango at this magical medieval village in the heart of Tuscany (Italy) where you can also enjoy the sun, walk in nature, have a swim in the pool, relax, eat delicious organic food and drink homemade wine, visit nearby cities, go to the beach and meet other friendly fellow tango dancers.
✅Dancing neotango every night at different locations!
✅ 10 neotango workshops and 6 technique or body awareness classes

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And we have two more weeks for you:
5th -12th august 2023
12th -19th of august 2023
Ximena Zalazar Firpo & Willem Meul
Invited Couple: Luis Bruni & Eugenia Carnevali
So, 3 weeks of Tango with different teachers. 🤩
La Neo – 4th March & 13th May 2023

La Neo – 4th March & 13th May 2023

The Freedom of dancing Neotango

Would you like to enjoy the freedom and joy of dancing Neotango? Come to dance at La Neo! The place where you dance Neotango just like you feel it.

Check de even: https://fb.me/e/5kHaF11BI

LA NEO 2023!
March 4th and May 13th… two dates to put in your diary!

🔶️ La Neo continues with a new edition with our international DJs Saskia Frankena & Ezequiel Sanucci and a very special workshop by Ezequiel & Gabriëlle.
La Neo is a 100% Neolonga: All music is possible, no obligatory cabaceos, no tandas and cortinas.
🔶️ Beforehand there is a workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci & Gabrielle Nederend.
▪️ Theme: Neotango Enrosques for leaders and followers
Please INSCRIBE at: tangonow.nl@gmail.com
⚠️ For this workshop you need a partner. So sign up as a couple or join the partner matching waiting list. You can use this event page to find a partner for this workshop by posting a message introducing yourself and what you are looking for.
To Dance, to La Neo.
Ezequiel and Saskia
🔹 Practical info:
🚗 FREE PARKING: At the door is paid parking till 00.00 hrs. However in 15 min walking distance is the district Baarsjes and that is FREE from 21.00 hrs onwards: https://www.amsterdam.nl/parkeren-verkeer/parkeertarieven/
For detailed information about parking and public transport, scroll further down
✅ 20.00 to 21.00 Workshop with Ezequiel Sanucci & Gabriëlle Nederend
✅ 21.00 to 01.00 Neolonga:
🎧 House DJs: DJ Eze & DJ Saskia
💲 Entrance La Neo Special:
Pre-sale online: €9
At the door: €10 in cash
Individual workshop: €15
Combi Workshop and La Neo Special
In pre-sale online: €19
At the door: €20 in cash
🌍 Address: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam

So, enjoy the freedom and playfulness of dancing neotango!
See you on the dance floor! 🔥

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem

We can start again with regular courses!

Ezequiel & Gabriëlle will teach:
🔹On Wednesdays at TangoTaks in Amsterdam
🔹 On Thursdays at Flor de Fango in Arnhem

TangoTalks – Amsterdam
WEDNESDAY: 25 jan – 5 april 2023
teachers: Ezequiel & Gabriëlle
– 19.30 – 20.45 h Intermediate
– 20.45 – 22.00 h Tango Nuevo

Flor de Fango – Arnhem
THURSDAY: 19 jan – 6 april 2023
teachers: Ezequiel & Gabriëlle
– 19:15 – 20:30: Tango for intermediate students. This 12-lesson course in traditional tango is designed for people who have already taken one or two beginner courses.
– 20:30pm – 21:45pm: Neotango. Neotango is seen by these teachers as a development within tango in which there is room for modern tango and also non-tango music. The neotango movements come from traditional tango with a modern twist or a fusion with other dances. A minimum of two years of teaching and salon experience is desirable to be able to take this 12-lesson course.