Dj Eze

Neotango, traditional tango, and more

Ezequiel Sanucci, under the name of DJ Eze, started in 2013 dj’jng traditional tango music and soon later he added neo and non tangos to his repertoire. Since then he dj’ed at major milongas, tango festivals and events, as well as for contact tango and dance jams / festivals, and latin dance parties in Europe. 

At this moment he is well-know as an international Neotango DJ and he is one of the founders and house dj of La Neo, which is the first 100% neolonga in The Netherlands. 

DJ Eze loves variety, surprising and to create different kind of atmospheres during his sets. DJ Eze likes to play all styles of tango music from beautiful traditional to very exciting neo and non-tangos. He can play 100% neo and non-tangos, 100% traditional (golden age) tangos, or a combination of both. As well he can also play for (after) party, Latin music (salsa, cumbia, merengues, bachatas, pop, house, ect) and for ecstatic dance and free dancing jam. So, he is a very versatile and open minded DJ and he can easily adapt at different public and styles demands.

When he dj at Neotango events he doesn’t play any tandas and cortinas and he also likes sometimes to mix tracks in order to create a full dance experience that gives continuity to the dj session.

As a traditional tango DJ he always uses tandas (set of 4 tangos) with clear cortinas (separation between sets).  His cortinas are usually fun and happy, so they can release the seriousness and give a more party atmosphere to a traditional milonga.

He is always very sensitive for what is happening on the dance floor and is happy when people are having a good time.