We are very excited to announce that Anna Neum will be our guest DJ & Teacher at The Neotango Weekend in the Nature! 💃🏼

This is a great opportunity to learn and dance the music of our international guest teacher & DJ and enjoy a weekend of Neotango to the fullest. ✨

🔸 Anna Neum (Ru/Fr) is an excellent international Neotango teacher, dancer and an amazing DJane that works at all the best neotango events in Europe. Ezequiel and Anna were already Dj’ing and also teaching and performing neotango shows together at World Tango Congress, La Neo, Greece Neotango Marathon, Brugge Neotango Marathon , among other events.

🔹 At the Neotango Weekend you have every day workshops with Ezequiel & Anna, every evening neo milongas with the international DJ’s Anna & Eze, every afternoon neotango practicas, delicious food and you also have free time to walk in the forest or to go to the lake.

🔹 Theme: Dancing in and out of axis
During this weekend we will learn to combine tango movement in our own axis as ochos, sacadas or boleos together with movements out of the axis as colgadas or volcadas. We will learn the technique required to make them and the quality to dance them in a modern way that fits very well with the neotango music.

✅ Workshops
✅ Neolongas
✅ Neo Practicas
✅ Safe environment
✅ Enjoy the Nature and a nice group of people
✅ Relax atmosphere
✅ Beautiful location: De Uelenspieghel
✅ Good food and nice sleeping rooms
✅ Possibility to take private classes

3 days to get a deeper knowledge of Neotango and to improve your skills. At the same time to have a mini holiday by dancing and having fun! 🤣
💥 If you are a Neotango fan, this is an evening that you don’t want to miss!

Price (all incl) 280 euro
Inscription: annette@uelenspieghel.nl
More information

At De Uelenspieghel  
Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte, Nederland
Tel: +31 521-351331
E: info@uelenspieghel.nl


19h arrival with coffee and tea
20 – 21h opening class
21- 00.30h Neolonga

9.30 -10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13 – 14h lunch
15.30- 17.00h Afternoon workshop
17-18h Practica
18 – 19h dinner
21- 1h Neolonga

9.30-10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13-14h lunch
15 – 16h Afternoon workshop
16 – 18h closing neolonga
18h end



Watch a Neo Tango improvisation by Ezequiel & Lydia