Soon we will have again another wonderful weekend at the most cozy tango location in the nature in The Netherlands! 🌞🌷

This time the theme is about Boleos and Enrosques. Two elementes with a lot in common. And of course that we will keep on working in the connection, posture, balace and an efforless woay to lead and/or follow. So, if this inspire you, there are still some very few places left if you would like to join us.

🔹 Boleos & Enrosques: Swinging legs with elegance and flow. You will learn how to dance low and high Boleos effortlessly and in connection.
Enrosques for leaders to make impressive Giros and for followers to give our dance quality and the beauty of embellishments.
Let’s enrich our dance!

🔹 A weekend in nature, dancing day and night, forest & lake walk, private and group classes, Neo milongas & surprises! 

🔹 3 days to get a deeper knowledge of Neotango and to improve your skills. At the same time to have a mini holiday by dancing and having fun! 

Price (all incl) 280 euro

More information

At De Uelenspieghel  
Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte, Nederland
Tel: +31 521-351331