And then suddenly 1 year has passed! October 19th is the first birthday of La Neo!

A year full of wonderful music, Neolongas with a wonderful atmosphere where everyone can dance the way he or she wants, meetings with many nice passionate dancers and of course the year in which NeoTango really gained a foothold in the Netherlands.

La Neo: breaking the rules, shifting beacons …

And you are a part of this ever-growing NeoTango family ❤
We are therefore very happy that we have the chance to celebrate this together with a special event.
19 October 2019, exactly one year after the first La Neo edition, La Neo is the stage for Tangorra Orquesta Atipica from Buenos Aires. Together with our colleagues from Tango Talks, they provide a birthday that we could not have dreamed of (but secretly we actually did ;-)).

We cordially invite you to join us to enjoy the beautiful, innovative contemporary tango music from the country where it all started. In addition, we have the unique opportunity to give the stage to 4 DJs who give their own interpretation to NeoTango. Of course the house DJs from La Neo, DJ Eze and DJ Saskia. And for this one time also guest DJ Fran, from Tangorra, and DJ El Chino from Tango Talks. The visuals will be in charge by VJ Mart. 


After the success of the Colgadas workshop, we will now lean into the other way with another very exciting element, the Volcada, a nice addition to your NeoTango repertoire.

You learn the basic technique of hanging together to find your balance, to trust each other, to feel safe, to lead and to follow and how you can do multiple Volcadas. This is taught step by step, with a logical preparation and a playful atmosphere. Volcadas are beautiful, exciting and fun!

You can apply these Volcadas afterwards and enjoy them while dancing in La Neo.

Learning Volcadas will enrich your Neotango vocabulary and make your dance more playful and fun.

Tickets for the Neolonga and the previous workshop on Volcadas can be obtained via

✅ 20.00 – 21.00 WORKSHOP: Volcadas, by Ezequiel & Diana
✅ 21.00 tot 01.00 Neolonga:
🎼 22.00 Live music Tangorra Orquesta Atípica (Arg)
🎧 Guest DJ’s: Dj Fran & DJ El Chino, House DJ’s: DJ Eze “El Virus” & DJ Saskia
🌈 VJ Mart

Entrance €15
Workshop €15
Workshop & neolonga € 25

🌍 Address: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam

See you soon, until dance!
And let’s spread the Neotango virus 🤣
Ezequiel and Saskia

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