Are you open to dance tango differently than you always did? Or maybe not so not, but would like to on different music? With La Neo we are moving the beacons. Dance tango the way you feel, open or close, still or expressive, familiar or experimental.

Everything is allowed at La Neo, everyone is welcome. How appropriate to celebrate this time on the day of the Revolution to independence in Argentina.

After the spectacular edition on King’s Day, we will continue on 25 May with another evening full of varied, touching music, many cool dances and fun and friendliness.

DJ Eze and DJ Saskia will give you their most beautiful music, VJ Edgy will again let the visuals swirl around your dance.

Workshop: ​​NeoTango Revolution
By Ezequiel Sanucci ​

To honor the theme of our next edition we will learn what makes NeoTango so revolutionary and how you can apply this to your dance qualities and style. With NeoTango, a new revolution arose in dance and musicality. Just like tango was revolutionary at the end of the 19th century, it is until this day a dance that still keeps innovating.

Would you like to learn movements, qualities, musicality and other creative possibilities and become part of this revolutionary movement? We gladly invite you to join this workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci who, since he is one of the pioneers of this dance revolution, can be seen as the tango Ché ;-).

​* For this workshop you need a partner. Please apply as a couple or for our waitinglist​ for a partner match

If you want to join, please apply as soon as possible via Make sure to be in time. Full = full.

The workshop starts at 20 hr exactly, doors open at 19.45 hr.

Practical info

Location: Studio Borgerstraat, Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam

May 25th, workshop 20hrs, Neolonga 21hrs till 2hrs

Entrance fees: Neolonga €10, workshop €15, Combi ticket €20

Parking in the area is possible, but paid

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