Neotango workshop & DJ Eze at De Tangolounge, Amersfoort
Neotango workshop & DJ Eze at Chocolate & Wine, Zaandam

Intensive tango course for beginner in Alkmaar
DJ Eze plays 90% Traditional tango at Flor de Fango, Arnhem
Neotango Weekend in Uffelte (NL) 
Tuscany Neotango Holiday
Video DJ Eze 
Private classes
Contact Tango in Bonn
Tango Deseo


Neotango workshop & DJ Eze at De Tangolounge, Amersfoort
Saturday 9 April

Een alternatieve avond met een mengeling van muziek die de DJ uit zijn/haar hoge hoed tovert. DJ wisselt per maand, dus de mix wisselt per maand. Deze maand voor de salon een workshop van Ezequiel en Karin. Thema Soltadas. Van 18.30-20.00 uur. Opgeven via mail of chat bij Karin

Deze maand zit DJ Ezequiel aan de knoppen. Hij zal een fijne mix draaien van alternatieve muziek die hij met zijn fijne neus voor sfeer, dynamiek en dansbaarheid voor ons aan elkaar zal knopen. Zijn vorige DJ set was ongeëvenaard, dus dat wordt weer een mooie avond.
Entree 10 euro. Reserveren hoeft niet. Welkom met en zonder partner.

Saturday 9 April
18.30-20.00 Neotango Workshop Soltadas by Ezequiel & Karin
Info and reservations:
20.00-01.00 Salon 100% Neotango by DJ Eze
Entrance 10 euro

Address: Oude Fabriekstraat 14, 3812 NN Amersfoort

More info: 


Neotango Workshop and Salon with DJ Eze
at Chocolate & Wine in Zaandam

Sunday 10 April

Zondag 10 April
15-16.30h Tango Workshop 

Entreeticket workshop€ 15,- p.p.
Graag van te voren online boeken ( of aanmelden via mail of telefoon.
Entreeticket aan de deur: € 20,- p.p.
 Iedereen die op de workshop is krijgt een bon voor twee drankjes in de salon

17-20h  Tango Salon
Prijs €10

At Dans Hotspot, Westzijde 71 Zaandam
Informatie en contact:
T: 06 – 55 79 13 05

Workshop Transforming Traditional into Neo | 15-16.30h
by Ezequiel

Neo Tango has it’s basis in traditional tango. That’s our inspiration to create new moves with modern quality that fit in different neo and non-tango music.
In this workshop you will learn basic principals in which traditional tango movements and combinations can be transformed into Neo tango.
Also you will learn how to lead and follow this new moments. Once you understand this principals you can apply it in a full extend to your own dance repertoire.
Neo Tango is gebaseerd op traditionele Argentijnse Tango. Dat is onze inspiratie om nieuwe bewegingen met een moderne kwaliteit te creeren, die passen in anders klinkende neo en non-tango muziek.
In deze workshop leer je basis principes om traditionele tango bewegingen en combinaties te transformeren in Neo Tango. Daarnaast leer je hoe je kunt leiden en volgen in deze momenten. Als je de principes eenmaal begrijpt, kun je dit in z’n geheel toepassen op je eigen danspassen.
Tango Salon | 17-20h
Dans mee op de geweldige Argentijnse Tango muziek van Dj ‘Eze’ Ezequiel Sanucci! Gezellige mensen, leuke sfeer,

Single dansers zijn van harte welkom.

Kom lekker genieten van de muziek en de gezelligheid om je heen.

We vinden het fijn als je laat weten dat je komt. Dit kan online via de Boek nu button, via de mail of per telefoon. Tickets zijn ook aan de deur verkrijgbaar.

Drie uur non-stop Argentijnse Tango, trad/neo – 70%/30%

Dans Hotspot, dé danszaal van de Zaanstreek


Intensive tango course for beginners in Alkmaar
by Ezequiel Sanucci & Valerie Fiteni

The Argentine tango makes you grounded. It clears your head and brings you to your senses. It is the language of connection and improvisation in the now. It is also a game between leading and following, between the masculine and the feminine, in which both continuously discover, invite, inspire and nourish each other. This is how the dance is created. Would you like to experience this? That is possible with Ezequiel and Valerie during 5 intensive workshops of 2 hours for beginners that they give in Alkmaar.

Monday 11 April: 17.00-19.30
Tuesday 19 April: 19.30- 22.00
Monday 25 April: 19.30- 22.00
Monday 9 May: 19.30-22.00
Monday 16 May: 19.30- 22.00
Monday 23 May 19.30 tango practica (optional to practice, Potluck from 18h)

*from 19.00 the hall is open for practice. After the workshop you can practice dancing for half an hour until 10.30 pm.

Investment: € 125 p.p. for the 10-hour workshop and practical evening

Information and registration:


DJ Eze plays 90% Traditional Tango at Flor de Fango, Arnhem
Monday 18 April – Eastern Salon

Easter salon
Special Easter salon where Easter bunny Eze conjures 90% traditional tango music from his surprise set!

Monday April 18
16-22h Paas Traditional Salon wit DJ Eze
Flor de Fango

Wezenstraat 5A, 6811 CR Arnhem, The Nehterlands
Price: €8,- You can buy your ticket here

DJ Eze (Ezequiel Sanucci) Traditional Tango
Ezequiel Sanucci was born in Buenos Aires. His whole family was a tango fan, and he has been listening to tango music with his parents and grandparents since his childhood.
In 2013 he started DJing traditional tango music under the name DJ Eze, after which he added neotango to his repertoire.
Since then he has played at milongas, tango festivals and events in the Netherlands, Europe and Buenos Aires, both traditional and Neo.
DJ Eze likes variety, surprising the dancers and creating different atmospheres during his sets.
In a traditional salon, he prefers the Epoca de Oro tangos. He can also play a single pre-golden age tango and perhaps a single tanda of new tango orquestras. His cortinas are cheerful to give an airy atmosphere to the traditional milonga.
He has a good feel for what is happening on the dance floor and is completely happy when the dancers are having a good time and you can see that.

Tickets can be purchased in advance via the website and at the bar.
Are you looking for information about traveling to Flor, staying in Arnhem or good food before coming to dance? Then check out our tips page.


The Neotango Weekend in the Nature

20-22 May 2022


Dancing with freedom in the Nature!

Next theme: Neotango Ganchos

Learning principles and organic mechanisms to create a variety of ganchos. Ganchos are very useful Neotango elements. In Neotango, most of the time we have more space to dance, we have more chances to use them. In neolongas we can do high swinging ganchos with a specific technique. Nevertheless, it’s still important to make them save for the people around you. During this weekend you will learn the technique of how to use your swinging legs to make them properly, how to lead and follow them, ganchos for the leader, safety, relaxation and the neotango quality. We will also teach ganchos in slow motion and leader’s ganchos.

3 days to get a deeper knowledge of Neotango and to improve your skills. At the same time to have a mini holiday by dancing and having fun!

– Workshops
– Neolongas
– Neo Practicas
– Safe environment
– Enjoy the Nature and a nice group of people
– Relax atmosphere
– Beautiful location: De Uelenspieghel
– Good food and nice sleeping rooms
–  Possibility to take private classes
If you are a Neotango fan, this is an evening that you don’t want to miss!

Price (all incl) 260 euro
More information

At De Uelenspieghel  
Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte, Nederland
Tel: +31 521-351331


19h arrival with coffee and tea
20 – 21h opening class
21- 00.30h Neolonga

9.30 -10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13 – 14h lunch
15.30- 17.00h Afternoon workshop
17-18h Practica
18 – 19h dinner
21- 1h Neolonga

9.30-10.30h breakfast
11 – 12.30h Morning workshop
13-14h lunch
15 – 16h Afternoon workshop
16 – 18h closing neolonga
18h end

More information at



Tuscany Neotango Holiday ☀️
30th of July – 6th of August 2022 | Castello di Querceto | Ezequiel & Lydia

✅ Dancing neotango every night at different locations!
✅ 10 neotango workshops and 5 technique or body awareness classes
✅ Maestros: Ezequiel & Lydia
✅ International DJ Eze
✅ Magical medieval location
✅ Many excellent accommodation options
✅ Half pension with delicious organic food
✅ Winery with local homemade wine
✅ Swimming pool
✅ Beach and historical cities close by
✅ Stunning nature and views
✅ Corona protocol & Safe environment
✅ Affordable prices & Super deals!!!

Tango workshops & milongas:
▪️ Early bird € 260,-
▪️ Regular € 280,-
Accommodation with half pension and optional swimming pool per person:
▪️ 3 persons room € 315,-
▪️ Double room € 455,-
▪️ Single room € 595,-
▪️ Single room with own toilet € 735,-
▪️ Swimming pool € 175,- single room / € 87,50 double room / € 60,- 3 p room
▪️ Membership fee € 15,-
⚠️ Important! If due to unpredictable covid rules we have to cancel this vacation you will get a 100% FULL refund.

By sending an email to Ursula Vetter at or
Tel: 0039 366 135 15 67



DJ Eze’s neotango music


Would you like to become a better tango dancer in a short time?

Take Tango private classes with Ezequiel or Lydia

Lydia is only available 18.-24. May for private classes
So take you chance and book now directly with Lydia


Contact Tango in Bonn

Contact Tango weekend intensive workshop 
with Lydia in Bonn 
Saturday 28. & Sunday 29. May, 11-17h

More info:

Contango Promo.jpg

Taboe Tango Camp 1
6- 22 July 2022

Lydia is teaching Contact Tango & Tantra Tango and on FB:


Tango Deseo

A tango living statue which is catching the attention by stillness, movement and dance!
The longing for an embrace, a connection and love. Pure passion and desire!  This tango dancer is waiting in stillness for the man of her dreams, the perfect tango, a simple embrace or maybe just for a smile of the public. With her charme she is inviting the audience into interaction, playing with stillness and movement. She can surprise and even seduce someone into a tango dance.
Being touched by the music the public will get emotionally involved until the flame of  passion takes over.
Tango…the longing for connection and love…especially in these times!

This act can be booked for street theater festivals, events, entertainment, weddings, restaurants, cafes, parties and more.

Performer/ dancer/ creator: Lydia Müller
Contact:  +31-643027351