Tuscany Contango Journay – 26/05-02/06 
Contango Festival Freiburg – 05-07/07



with Ezequiel and Lo


Contact improvisation makes us soft and elastic every day. Every morning from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. we are in contact with our own body and the environment using the principles of CI. Afterwards we enjoy the Italian food prepared by the house cook, take a siesta to integrate, walks and excursions in the area are planned.

5.00 to 7.00 p.m. is the time to absorb the principles of tango. From the two dance styles we form the independent dance style Contango. Every day we immerse ourselves more with all our senses in this combination of styles that have existed for a long time and dance authentically into Contango.

In any weather it is beautiful in Monterosi. There is the big outdoor dance floor and the wooden house.

In the evening it is also possible to continue dancing or making music indoors!

5 days plus 2 arrival/departure days 35.- per night in a tent/camper and 45.- in the house. Children/adolescents pay by arrangement. All ages are welcome here!

630./ 720.- with everything! Food and 2 teachers. Contact Improvisation and Tango!

Enjoy your time with us in Tuscany!



5.–7. JULI 2024

Ezequiel & Lydia will be this year the main teachers and performers at the biggest, most prestigious and more renowned festival in the world about the fusion of Contact Improvisation & Argentinian Tango. As well the main DJ of this festival will be DJ Eze! 


On the 4th of July we will enjoy dancing the live music of Tangorra Orquesta Típica (Arg) and on the 5th of July we will celebrate Ezequiel’s Brithday!!! So, don’t miss this great event  💥✨️❤️

All dancers are invited here to dance together with time and space in one place! Contact Improvisation and Tango will meet here and merge into one dance style.

You are invited to be there in July. This is about discovering and developing both dance styles in combination as an individual dancer.

Experienced teachers are invited to accompany different ways of connecting dance styles with intensive lessons and workshops.

Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the NEW.

Contango is danced barefoot. It can be danced alone, in pairs, as a trio. Come as you Are. Everything is wonderful and possible! As an experienced and a beginner, there is always a lot to discover.

There will be live music and plenty of room to dance. Good food and sleeping facilities on site (see organization).

You are very welcome to be part of it!

Book your place at the festival right here.