15 – 16.30 h Workshop SOLTADAS by Ezequiel & Gabriëlle
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prijs 15 euro per persoon (20 euro incl salon)
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16.30 – 20 h TANGOSALON
DJ Ezequiel Sanucci
toegang € 10
At TangoTalks
Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 XW Amsterdam

Neotango workshop: Soltadas
By Ezequiel & Gabriëlle

Soltadas means “released”. We release the embrace, or just a part of it, but we definitely keep the connection. This is a very characteristic movement used in Neotango. 
There are many different kinds of Soltadas. In this workshop you will learn different types of Soltadas, how to lead them and follow them, how to keep the connection in this moment and how to get back to the embrace. You will also learn how to apply this possibilities to neo and non tango music. Learning Soltadas will enrich your Neotango vocabulary and make your dance more playful and fun.