Tango Trip

IMG_9116 An imaginative and surreal tango journey through the streets of Buenos Aires. It’s about two people, that when they dance together, they dream together.

Choreography: Ezequiel Sanucci
Dancers: Lydia Müller en Ezequiel Sanucci
Music: Simone Giacomini
Adviser: Gabriella Maiorino
Coach: Jorge Arbert
Video recordings and photos: Ayelen Liberona
Video editing and animation: Rodolfo Vejar
Lighting design: Roland van Ulden
Duration: Dance piece 45 minutes.
Extra: This piece can be combined with a workshop of 45 minutes and milonga (tangosalon) 2 hours.

This piece is based on the dance research Cabeceame made by Ezequiel and Lydia at the production house Dansmakers Amsterdam in 2012.

Full video


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