Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem

We will start again with regular courses!

Dear tango dancers,
End of September we start again with a new serie on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for different levels.

From 27th September / 13th December
19.30 – 20.45 h Intermediate Traditional Tango
20.45 – 22.00 h Advanced Tango Nuevo
Tangocursus € 180 per persoon (totaal 12 lessen),
met studententarief € 156 per persoon
info & aanmelding:

From 21st september / 7 December
19.15 – 20.30 h Intermediate Traditional Tango
20.30 – 21.45 h Advanced Neotango 
at Flor de Fango

DJ Eze at the Tango Biathlon Frankenthal (Germany)

DJ Eze at the Tango Biathlon Frankenthal (Germany)

From the 29/09-01/10 Ezequiel will be one of the neotango DJ of the great line of the Tango Biathlon Mannheim/Frankenthal (Germany)

This is the first marathon in the world that has two rooms, one for traditional tango and another one for neotango. It always has some of the best DJ’s in Europe and attract many different type of dancers. So, great music, good dancers and a lovely atmosfere is garantie. This is a high recomended tango event you shouldn’t miss.

It’s almost sold out! Check here for tickets and information:

Summer events 2023

Summer events 2023

🔵 07/05 Zollhaus – Willich (Germany)
🔵 13/05 La Neo – Amsterdam (NL)
🔵 19-22/05 Siena Tango Marathon (It)
🔵 27/05-03/06 Toscana Contango – Arrazzo (It)
🔵 9-11/06 Neotango Weekend – Uffelte (NL)
🔵 17/06 Flor de Neo – Arnhem (NL)
🔵 23-25/06 NuevoTangoRave – Bremen (Germany)
🔵 14-16/07 Contango Festival Friburg – (Germany)
🔵 19-23/07 Odessa Amsterdam Tantric Joy Festival (NL)
🔵 29/07-05/08 Tuscany Neotango Holiday – Querceto (Italy)
🔵 24-27/08 Tango Beach Festival – The Hague (NL) 
🔵 22-24/09 Neotango Weekend – Uffelte (NL)
🔵 29/09-01/10 Tango Biathlon Mannheim/Frankenthal (Germany)

Neotango courses in Amsterdam & Arnhem – May-June 2023

Neotango courses in Amsterdam & Arnhem – May-June 2023

by Ezequiel Sanucci & Gabrielle Nederend

🔶️ TANGOTALKS, Amsterdam – series of 7 weeks
Wednesday evening 20.45-22.00 hrs
May 17, 24 and 31, June 7, 14, 21 and 28

🔶️ FLOR de FANGO, Arnhem – series of 8 weeks
Thursday evening 20.30-21.45 hrs
May 4, 11, 25 and June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29


A playful theme, very suitable for neotango dancing, where we will play with various axes, changes of direction and musicality!

We will dance to inspiring, alternative music from the electro tango and other genres.

The series is taught by Ezequiel Sanucci, an experienced dancer and teacher, with an international career and much in demand as a DJ at Festivals in Europe and Argentina.

Ezequiel gives this course together with Gabriëlle Nederend, who has been passionate about neotango dance and music since she started as a dancer. Together with Rene Oey she has been running Tangoschool TangoTalks in Amsterdam for years.

Info & registration: /

La Neo – 13th May 2023

La Neo – 13th May 2023

The Freedom of dancing Neotango

La Neo: 100% Neotango in Amsterdam 💥

🔶️ La Neo continues with a new edition with our international DJs Saskia & Ezequiel and a very special workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci.
La Neo is a 100% Neolonga: All music is possible, no obligatory cabaceos, no tandas and cortinas.
🔶️ Beforehand there is a workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci.

Check de event:

✅ 20.00 to 21.00 Workshop with Ezequiel Sanucci 
▪️ Theme: Improving our dance connection and the quality of the embrace
☝️ Please reserve your place for the workshop in advance. Thanks! 🙏
Reservations with partner to:

✅ 21.00 to 01.00 Neolonga:
🎧 House international DJs: DJ Eze & DJ Saskia

💲 Entrance La Neo:
Pre-sale: €9
At the door: €10
Individual workshop: €15
Combi Workshop and La Neo Special
In pre-sale: €19
At the door: €20

🌍 Address: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam

So, enjoy the freedom and playfulness of dancing neotango!
See you on the dance floor! 🔥