13th of May 2023

The first 100% Neolonga of the Netherlands

Would you like to enjoy the freedom and joy of dancing Neotango? Come to dance at La Neo! The place where you dance Neotango just like you feel it.

LA NEO 2023!
May 13th… save the date!

🔶️ La Neo continues with a new edition with our international DJs Saskia Frankena & Ezequiel Sanucci and a very special workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci.
La Neo is a 100% Neolonga: All music is possible, no obligatory cabaceos, no tandas and cortinas.
🔶️ Beforehand there is a workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci
▪️ Theme: Improving our dance connection and the quality of the embrace
How to feel unity with your partner? How to have excellent leader and follower skills? How to have a tango embrace that you would like to hold forever? This workshop goes to the essence of tango, neotango and it can even make a change in our lives.

Please INSCRIBE at: tangonow.nl@gmail.com

⚠️ For this workshop you need a partner. So sign up as a couple or join the partner matching waiting list. You can use this event page to find a partner for this workshop by posting a message introducing yourself and what you are looking for.

To Dance, to La Neo.

Ezequiel and Saskia

🔹 Practical info:
🚗 FREE PARKING: At the door is paid parking till 00.00 hrs. However in 15 min walking distance is the district Baarsjes and that is FREE from 21.00 hrs onwards: https://www.amsterdam.nl/parkeren-verkeer/parkeertarieven/
For detailed information about parking and public transport, scroll further down
✅ 20.00 to 21.00 Workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci
🎧 House DJs: DJ Eze & DJ Saskia

💲 Entrance La Neo Special:
Pre-sale online: €9
At the door: €10 in cash
Individual workshop: €15
Combi Workshop and La Neo Special
In pre-sale online: €19
At the door: €20 in cash

🌍 Address: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam

So, enjoy the freedom and playfulness of dancing neotango!
See you on the dance floor! 🔥

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