Tangorra at Eze’s Birthday Milonga-Picnic Party!

13 July 2024 – Marineterrein, Amsterdam

The very successful Experiencia Tangorra is an electrotango orchestra from Buenos Aires. They will play again in Amsterdam at Ezequiel Sanucci’s Birthday Milonga celebration. We will also have the chance to dance traditional and neotango music by four international top DJs and the beautiful live music of two top neoclassical musicians.

Ezequiel is turning 53 years old and he wants to celebrate it by bringing all his tango and neotango friends together. It will be a celebration of life and diversity where we can dance, make a picnic, take drinks and have a swim during a lovely summer afternoon at one of the most special areas of Amsterdam. 

If someone wants to learn tango, at the start of the event Ezequiel will teach a beginner tango workshop. So, this it’s a great chance to learn the first steps and to get to know the tango atmosphere.  

The location is at the amazing Marineterrein in Amsterdam with small green spaces where you can have a picnic and swim at the harbor. We will not have a bar, so bring your own food and drinks and we can share it as a potluck. 

The dress code is summer tango clothing, casual, festive, party costume, and you can even dance in a swimsuit / bikini if you want. 

The entrance is a donation base. You can donate in cash or with a Tikkie. We suggested a price of €20 p.p. to pay the orchestras from Argentina and The Netherlands, the DJ’s, all costs and a little birthday present for Ezequiel. And if you take the workshop, you can give as an extra donation of €10. But you can always pay more or less if you feel like it. Thanks 

The parking in the area is expensive, so we highly recommend you to come by bike or public transport.

This location is incredible but the floor is not the best tango floor ever. It’s a little sticky. We’ll bring talcum powder to make it more slippery. That is why we suggest that you do bring shoes that are slippery, strong and that you know that they will get dirty with talcum powder.

We are very much looking forward to this very special event and to celebrate Ezequiel’s birthday party with lots of friends and lovely people. 


Live Music

🔹 Experiencia Tangorra (Arg)
Live music
Tangorra Experience is living an immersive show that will take you on a journey through the authentic electrotango of Buenos Aires, to dance and have fun all together in a magical moment.

🔹 Frank Oppedijk & Anoek Brokaar (NL)

Anoek Brokaar (violin) and Frank Oppedijk (piano) have been performing together for more than 20 years, captivating audiences with their music. Anoek and Frank are particularly drawn to the music of Ludovico Einaudi, aiming to convey feelings of peace, beauty, and deep emotion through their renditions. By advocating Einaudi’s music, known for its ability to touch hearts, Anoek and Frank hope to foster connection among their listeners all across Europe. A reminder for today’s fast-paced world, that in the language of music, there’s a universal source of comfort and love, transcending all boundaries.

International Dj’s

🔹 Fran Borra (Arg)
DJ modern tango as in Buenos Aires

Fran Borra is a musician, producer, manager of milongas, organizer of the Electrotango Buenos Aires Festival and DJ of tango nuevo, brings us a renewed air to the Tango tracks with his exquisite musical selection.

🔹 Lucas Malec – EL TABERNERO (Arg / B)
TDJ traditional tango

DJ Lucas Malec ‘El Tabernero’. From the neighbourhood of Caballito in the heart of Buenos Aires, currently based in Amsterdam, Lucas is a musician and dancer. He is a founding member of Pannonica Tango Quartet. As a DJ, his music is characterised by its energy and known for keeping the dancers emotionally engaged, to the point of intoxication, that is why he is known as: El Tabernero.

🔹 Saskia Frankena (NL)
DJ neotango

Saskia is purely a Neotango DJ. In her sets she uses all kinds of music, if danceable.
She likes to use lyrical music, music that tells a story, with some drama, some gloominess and several layers in the music to play with. Serving the dancers in their expression is what her sets are about.
Her mantra while DJ-ing Neotango is: “ Same soul, different sounds”

🔹 Ezequiel Sanucci – The birthday boy! (Arg / NL)
DJ 50/50 traditional & neo tango | Tango teacher

Ezequiel is an expert and pioneer in Neotango. He created his unique style by the fusion between pure traditional tango with his knowledge of Contemporary dance, Contact improvisation, Ballet, Latin dances and more. As well Ezequiel invented their own Contact Tango and Contemporary Tango style. He teaches, performs and DJ neo and traditional tango at top international festivals and events around Europe, Latin-America and his native Argentina since 2008.




14 – 15.30h: Beginners tango workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci
15.30 – 20.30h – Milonga with live music and international DJ’s

Live music
🔸 Experiencia Tangorra (Arg) – Electrotango
🔸 Frank Oppedijk & Anoek Brokaar (NL) – music from Einaudi & Piazzolla

International DJ’s:
Fran Borra (Arg) – Modern Tango as in Buenos Aires
🔸 Lucas Malec (Arg/B) – Traditional Tango
🔸 Saskia Frankena (NL) – Neotango
🔸 Ezequiel Sanucci – The birthday boy! (Arg/NL) – 50/50 Traditional & Neo Tango


⏳ Date and time: 13 July 2024
14.00 hrs: Workshop
15.30 – 20.00 hrs: Milonga with live music

🌍 Location: Marineterrein, Gebouw 027S, Amsterdam https://marineterrein.nl/
⚠️ Once you are at the complex, walk forward and look for the building 027S

💲 Donation base entrance: cash or with a Tikkie. 🧢 A la gorra!

🥂 No Bar: Bring your own drinks and food

Picnic / Potluck: 
In front of the venue there are small green spaces where you can have a picnic in the sun (if the weather is good)

🏊‍♀️ Swimming: at the inner harbor in front of the location. Bring your swimsuit!

💃🕺 Dress code: Summer tango clothing, casual, festive, party costume, and you can even dance in a swimsuit / bikini.

🏠 The Floor: It’s a little sticky. We’ll spread talcum powder on it. Bring shoes that are strong and easy to clean.

🚗 Parking: Paid parking €5 per uur
So, we highly recommend you to come by bike or train.
From Amsterdam Central Station is 25 minutes walk or take the tram 26 or bus 22 or 46 which will be around 15 minutes traveling.

💙 For whom: For tango dancers and everybody who wants to have a good time. You can come with friends and kids. If someone wants to learn tango, come to the workshop and then you can enjoy the event.